The confidentiality of Thrive Counselling clients is of utmost importance to all staff.  The agency is required to obtain your informed written consent before releasing or obtaining any information except where authorized by legislation or directed by the courts.  These exceptions are as follows:

  1. In certain limited circumstances your counsellor/therapist is required by law to disclose client information, and must comply with these mandatory obligations. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:  significant concern about the safety of a child (physical or sexual safety) or significant emotional harm (which includes situations and/or behaviours that seriously interfere with a child’s development or functioning); files being subpoenaed; search warrants.
  2. In addition, it is a condition of the counselling relationship that your counsellor/therapist will release what would otherwise be confidential information if there is reason to believe that you represent a significant and immediate threat of death or serious injury to yourself or others. Thrive Counselling will take whatever steps necessary to avert danger to a client or others.  The threat of harm will always take priority over confidentiality.  Thrive Counselling has adopted this policy for the welfare of our clients, staff and the community at large.

Additionally, in an agency such as ours, there is sometimes a need for your counsellor/therapist to share pertinent personal information within the agency to other professional staff, administrative staff, and appropriate accredited bodies, who are ethically and strictly bound to maintain confidentiality.

If you are concerned about any aspect of these limitations to confidentiality, please discuss your concerns with your counsellor/therapist.

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  • Today's Date: 09/24/2021

September 2021 Thrive’s In-person Counselling Services are now open to the public by appointment. Family Visiting Centres  are providing in-person visits. Virtual services remain available.  Please click here for further details regarding this announcement.