Helping Fathers Value their Children

Caring Dads is a specialized program for men who have used abusive behaviours with their families in the past and who now want to improve their relationships. Fathers must have legal access to their children before participation in this program. Each participant attends a group information session, prior to attending the 16-week group program. There is a fee for this program that is geared to income.

Caring Dads will help fathers to improve their relationship with their children and to develop parenting skills. A child-centered approach to fathering is encouraged as fathers are helped:

  • To recognize and prioritize their children’s needs when possible
  • To understand to impact of their behaviour on their kids and partner
  • To take responsibility for their use of abusive behaviour
  • To engage with their children in an empathetic and nurturing way

There is an outreach component to the children’s Moms with the goal of increasing the safety of Moms and children.

This program works closely with Halton Children’s Aid, Probation and Parole, and the Court. Some fathers will be required to attend this program by one of these organizations. Referrals are accepted from all of Halton Region.

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Caring Dads Program

September 2021 Thrive’s In-person Counselling Services are now open to the public by appointment. Family Visiting Centres  are providing in-person visits. Virtual services remain available.  Please click here for further details regarding this announcement.