Thrive Counselling will be resuming limited in-person services beginning in mid-September.  To protect the health and safety of staff and visitors to our premises we have conducted a rigorous risk assessment and are incorporating all relevant public health guidelines into our re-opening strategy.  Safety protocols include:

Limiting the hours of operation

Significantly limiting the number of individuals on-site

Symptom  and risk screening, including temperature checks before and when attending our sites are required

Face masks must be worn on site for appointments and in all common areas

All employees and visitors to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers as they enter the workplace

Staff have been trained on safety protocols

Signage to assist with social distancing and safety protocols are posted

Air purifiers have been installed in counselling rooms

Attendance logs are kept of anyone coming on site

Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place, including increased touchpoint cleaning

Providing detailed COVID-19 health and safety information to all employees

Supporting physical distancing with others in the workplace including signage and physical restructuring of space

Ensuring that a sufficient supply of masks gloves, face shields are always available

Ensuring the availability of multiple alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations throughout the workplace

Increasing the frequency of workplace cleaning especially of high touch services

Staggering arrivals and breaks

Developing a thorough plan for how to respond should an employee or visitor become infected with COVID-19.

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September 2021 Thrive’s In-person Counselling Services are now open to the public by appointment. Family Visiting Centres  are providing in-person visits. Virtual services remain available.  Please click here for further details regarding this announcement.