Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the qualifications of your individual, couple and family counsellors?

All of our counsellors have a Master’s Degree in Social Work or the equivalent. All counsellors are required to be affiliated with a professional organization.

Do I have to pay to receive counselling?

There is a fee based on family size and income for individual, couple, family and group counselling. Every effort will be made to arrange a fee that fits into your circumstances.  Our Walk-In Clinics are free of charge.  There is also no fee for services to abused women and their children.

How long will I have to wait to see a counsellor?

Waiting time depends upon the office where you want to be seen, time of day you want to be seen, and the type of service you want to receive.

Is Thrive Counselling a government service?

Thrive Counselling is a private, non-profit agency governed by a local board of directors. We are funded by a variety of funding sources, including Ministry of Attorney General, Ministry of  Children, Community & Social Services and the United Way Halton/Hamilton.


September 2021 Thrive’s In-person Counselling Services are now open to the public by appointment. Family Visiting Centres  are providing in-person visits. Virtual services remain available.  Please click here for further details regarding this announcement.