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Halton Consumer Credit Counselling Service (HCCCS) is a not-for-profit division of Thrive Counselling that has been helping residents of Halton solve their debt problems since 1975.

HCCCS counsellors can deal directly with your creditors, putting an end to stressful collection agency calls and letters.

Individualized Counselling. Our professional counsellors help you create a personalized plan based on your financial profile to address your debt stress. Unlike some other Credit Counselling agencies, HCCCS’s professional and accredited counsellors will meet with you personally to discuss your situation and suggest options best suited to your needs, including alternatives to bankruptcy and consumer proposals.

Our services include:

  • Confidential, unbiased and non-judgemental financial and credit counselling on how to manage your money and how to pay down your debts
  • A comprehensive review of all available debt reduction options
  • Debt repayment programs arranged with creditors called the Debt Management Program (DMP)
  • Budget development & planning including money management strategies & credit guidance
  • Third party intervention
  • Bankruptcy and consumer proposal counselling
  • Consumer Education & community outreach

Download the Credit Counselling Brochure (PDF).

What is a Debt Management Program (DMP)?

A “DMP” is a long-term repayment program (usually 4-5 yrs), where your counsellor will contact your creditors for you to propose a new payment schedule for you to repay your debts. At that time, most creditors will accept a reduced monthly payment and may agree to stop or reduce interest. Once a month you would send us a payment, which we distribute to your creditors on your behalf until the debts are cleared and you are able to cope on your own. It is particularly suited for the client who wants to avoid bankruptcy, get their life back in order and repay their creditor obligations. The client also receives ongoing budgeting help and is encouraged to continue monitoring on their own. It is always open to pay extra to your DMP.

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to assist you and to help you gain back financial control!

Please call us to book your private & confidential consultation. Our offices are conveniently located throughout Halton, with offices in Burlington, Oakville & Milton.

We are an OACCS Member Agency. Click here for more information.

Who Should Use Credit Counselling?

  • Do you worry or argue constantly about money?
  • Are you borrowing money from family and friends to get out of debt?
  • Are creditors contacting you at work, home and at night?
  • Are you relying on credit cards or using bank overdraft to meet monthly expenses?
  • Are you a month or more behind in monthly payments or making just minimums?
  • Are you having difficulty setting and living by a budget?
  • Do you want to learn to manage your money more effectively?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the following, then you may benefit from our credit counselling services.

Credit/Debt Counselling
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